Survival 2.0 - 5/20/2023
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Survival Season Two​

May 20th, 2 PM EST​

Greeting everybody,

We are happy to announce that we will release the second season of Nebulex Survival next weekend, May 20th. This is a short notice announcement but we are attempting to try a different release schedule, with having the core features in for an immediate release, and then updates will be pushed often through the season.

So here are some features you can look forward to at the release!
  • Custom Terrain
  • New Marketplace
  • Kits
  • RTP
  • Player Shops
  • Revised Claim System
  • Guilds
  • mcMMO
In the next week, we will be releasing more details about Season Two, and giving more in-depth details about new features.

We hope to you see then,
Nebulex Management

Clutch Gamemode Release 1/1/2023

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Greetings Everyone!
Are we all ready for a new gamemode? I know I am!

Join us in getting ready for the release of Clutch, here's what to expect!
Clutch will release with three maps, Aztec, Desert, and Nether!
Clutch is a knockback-based gamemode, and you will start off with a Knockback 1 Sword, A bow with Punch 1 that can be fired every two seconds, and of course, one ender pearl.
The objective of this gamemode is reasonably straightforward, knock others off the map, but don't fall off in the process.
Upon Release, Clutch will only feature an unranked-level system, giving coins and XP per kill (and more per kill streak). Coins will be able to purchase cosmetics in future updates of the gamemode.

We will be releasing some map showcase images over the next few weeks prior to release, so stay tuned for that!

We hope to see you on release,
Nebulex Management.

Release Event

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Hello everyone, we are so excited to be releasing Nebulex for all of you. To show our appreciation, we have decided to host an invitation event. In this event we will be giving away rewards to the 5 people with the most invites to the discord server. This event will run until the end of October. The winners will be announced in the discord and on the forums. Good luck to all and remember, have fun!

1st Place - Universal Rank (1 Year)
2nd Place - Galactic Rank (1 Year)
3rd Place - Nebular Rank (1 Year)
4th Place - 50% off Store Voucher
5th Place - 25% off Store Voucher

1st Place -
2nd Place -
3rd Place -
4th Place -
5th Place -

Nebulex In-Game Rules

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This document outlines Nebulex rules, but how it is interpreted is up to the Staff members and the Staff Team. We will not list specifics on what Punishment will result from what. You are expected to use Common Sense while on Nebulex.

Use common sense. If you have to ask if something is allowed, you shouldn't be doing it.

1. No Hacked/Cracked Clients, Hacking, or Macros

This can include but is not limited to:
  • Blacklisted Mods/Clients (The list of blacklisted mods and clients can be found here)
  • Blacklisted Resource Packs (such as X-Ray)
  • Macros (Any action performed automatically, mouse, keyboard, etc.)
    • We define Macros as any action automatically performed, such as having a hotkey to run /eat rather than stopping to type it.

Nebulex Permitted & Blacklisted Mods/Clients

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Nebulex Permitted Mods / Clients
Below is a list of commonly mentioned mods and clients that are permitted to use on Nebulex. This list is not complete and is subject to change at any time without notification.

Permitted Clients:

Lunar Client
Lunar Client is a mod pack that is designed around multiple versions of Minecraft, and our suggested way to play on Nebulex. Lunar Client contains over 65 mods and increased performance. You can learn more about Lunar Client at

Badlion Client
Badlion Client is another mod pack Client that we allow support for. It has various mods included and is used by many players. Do note that the Schematica mod's Printer function is not allowed to be used on Nebulex.

Forge is a widely known mod loader. Its only function is to allow other mods to load.