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  1. Vrirx

    57 years?

    57 years?
  2. Vrirx

    Potato in prison

    Update : Payed
  3. Vrirx

    Potato in prison

    I've captured Potato! He has a bail of 300 potato's
  4. Vrirx

    Bread in Prison

    Breadman8007 has been captured by Vrirx. He has no bail only way to get him out is to break him out
  5. Vrirx

    Rack In Prison

    Rack has been captured by yours truly Vrirx. His bail is 12 netherite ingots. I would bail him out if you want more server updates :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  6. Vrirx


  7. Vrirx

    Talk about how vrirx is chad

  8. Vrirx


    I payed Close $2 to kill his pet fish and ate it not thinking he would do it. Now I'm $2 poorer and close in $2 richer
  9. Vrirx

    Que Pro

    Que Pro