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  1. Nebulex

    Nebulex In-Game Rules

    This document outlines Nebulex rules, but how it is interpreted is up to the Staff members and the Staff Team. We will not list specifics on what Punishment will result from what. You are expected to use Common Sense while on Nebulex. Use common sense. If you have to ask if something is...
  2. Nebulex

    Nebulex Permitted & Blacklisted Mods/Clients

    Nebulex Permitted Mods / Clients Below is a list of commonly mentioned mods and clients that are permitted to use on Nebulex. This list is not complete and is subject to change at any time without notification. Permitted Clients: Lunar Client Lunar Client is a mod pack that is designed around...
  3. Nebulex

    Game Ideas

    Hello everyone, feel free to give us suggestions for games that you would like to see on the network. Every once in a while we will be picking some of our favourite game ideas from here and will do a poll in the discord server to see what game others want to be added.