Clutch Gamemode Release 1/1/2023

Greetings Everyone!
Are we all ready for a new gamemode? I know I am!

Join us in getting ready for the release of Clutch, here's what to expect!
Clutch will release with three maps, Aztec, Desert, and Nether!
Clutch is a knockback-based gamemode, and you will start off with a Knockback 1 Sword, A bow with Punch 1 that can be fired every two seconds, and of course, one ender pearl.
The objective of this gamemode is reasonably straightforward, knock others off the map, but don't fall off in the process.
Upon Release, Clutch will only feature an unranked-level system, giving coins and XP per kill (and more per kill streak). Coins will be able to purchase cosmetics in future updates of the gamemode.

We will be releasing some map showcase images over the next few weeks prior to release, so stay tuned for that!

We hope to see you on release,
Nebulex Management.