Nebulex Permitted & Blacklisted Mods/Clients

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Nebulex Permitted Mods / Clients
Below is a list of commonly mentioned mods and clients that are permitted to use on Nebulex. This list is not complete and is subject to change at any time without notification.

Permitted Clients:

Lunar Client
Lunar Client is a mod pack that is designed around multiple versions of Minecraft, and our suggested way to play on Nebulex. Lunar Client contains over 65 mods and increased performance. You can learn more about Lunar Client at

Badlion Client
Badlion Client is another mod pack Client that we allow support for. It has various mods included and is used by many players. Do note that the Schematica mod's Printer function is not allowed to be used on Nebulex.

Forge is a widely known mod loader. Its only function is to allow other mods to load.

Liteloader like forge is a mod loader, allowing other types of mods to be loaded.

Permitted Mods:


Optifine is a mod (and client) that offers increased performance, connected textures, shaders and more.

ToggleSprint and ToggleSneak mods let you toggle sneaking and sprinting.

Armor/Potion/Direction HUD
Any mods that give Armor Potion or Direction HUDs are allowed, as long as they only contain the listed features.

Minimaps are both allowed and disallowed, you must only be able to see the terrain. You are not allowed to use a minimap that allows you to see players, mobs, armor, or caves.

Schematica is a mod that allows to display a hologram version of a schematic, save a design, to allow easy building. The printer function in schematica is not allowed and will get you banned.

Tabby Chat
Tabby Chat is a mod that cleans up the Minecraft default Chat.

Replay Mod
The Replay Mod allows you to record your game session and play them from any perspective.

Gamma is a brightness adjustment that you don't need a mod to use, but it lets your game have full brightness without the need of torches or other lighting methods.

Other Mods
Any mods that are just for cosmetics, such as Music, or Font mods are permitted as they do not give any advantage over other players.

Nebulex Blacklisted Mods/Clients
Below is a list of blacklisted mods and clients that are not allowed on Nebulex. This list is not complete and is subject to change at any time. Any mod that gives you an advantage over another player is considered blacklisted. For clarification on any other mod please feel free to reach out to a member of Staff.

Blacklisted Clients

Hacked Clients
Any client that gives an unfair advantage, such as Vape, Huzuni, and many others are forbidden on Nebulex.

Macros / Autoclicking / Adjusting Mouse Dbounce
  • Macros allow you to press a key and execute a command, while Lunar Client has a feature for this it is disabled for non-staff.
  • Auto-clickers, while as the name implies will automatically click. Auto clicking in any way is bannable, this also includes setting your attack button to another key.
  • We only recommend jitter clicking, while we do not strictly disallow other irregular clicking methods, the dbounce time setting on your mouse must be 10ms.
Blacklisted Mods

X-Ray Mods / Texture Packs
Any mod or texture pack that allows any form of X-Ray is strictly prohibited.

Schematica is allowed but the printer function in it is considered an unfair advantage, so it is not allowed.

More Particles Mod
More Particles Mod is prohibited as it will give an unfair advantage. You can use the particles multiplier mod in Lunar Client.

LabyMod is not allowed as it can negatively impact other players/

J3 Ultimate / Better PvP / Other PvP Mods
Any PvP Mod is not allowed, as it can give you advantages with certain features.

Miscellaneous Mods
Any mod that would be considered to give an unfair advantage, such as name tags, traders, radar, auto-tool, cave finder, and more are strictly prohibited.

OQMinebot / Any application that will automate actions in-game
Any application that will allow automation of actions in-game, such as mining, PvP, etc. is prohibited.

As stated above, these lists are subject to change at any time without notification.
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